Second meeting of the future Open Telecom Foundation

After our first ad-hoc meeting in person in San Francisco, the majority of the OTF founding directors had their seconds meeting online.

In this meeting, we continued discussing areas of shared focus and collaboration:

  1. The continued development and support of the Kazoo ACDc module is of primary importance.
  2. The Kazoo project is not well-known enough. More open source telecom community involvement is desired for the Kazoo project open source project to thrive.
  3. It would be ideal to have a common road map for the Kazoo open source project.
  4. There is a strong desire to combine resources, work collaboratively and avoid duplication in any open source projects the foundation members have in common.
  5. There are concerns that contributions (pull requests) to the upstream Kazoo project repo may not be accepted and merged. How can this be improved by foundation members?
  6. It may be worthwhile to form a non-profit foundation, as a legal entity, that would have oversight of these open source project contributions.
  7. Within this new foundation, individual special interest groups could be created, each with a specific focus, that report back to a management team.
  8. Kazoo project documentation and community education could be areas where the foundation can assist the primary Kazoo author 2600Hz.
  9. Learning from examples of other open source projects, the founding members agree that they have a strong desire to avoid code and community fragmentation.
  10. All members have a strong interest in developing a common test suite for the Kazoo project.
  11. There are a limited number of published system events in the Kazoo project and more would be very helpful.
  12. Several members had initiated enhancements to the Kazoo project via Siplabs. Now that Siplabs has stopped development, what of these enhancements can be pursued by the foundation members?