When To Get Involved?


The Open Telecom Foundation is always interested in connecting with folks who care about open source telecommunications projects.

Our members have been active in the open source telecommunications space for years and will continue to be for years to come. We’d be happy is you joined and we combined our resources.

Our members hold weekly technical meetings to discuss and coordinate efforts in dev/ops surrounding our favourite open telecom projects. Frequent technical meetings of member help the common and individual resources of our members be better synchronized.

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You have an innovative idea to share

Excellent! We’re here to offer our experience and feedback. Collectively, our members are very likely to have some knowledge, resource or insights that will help you get close to making your good idea a reality.

If you’re thinking of building on your own

In this day and age, working in a silo is not necessary. There is a whole world of people who also care about the key issues affecting your telecommunications-grade infrastructure. Let’s combine our energy and ideas and accomplish more together.