Where We Work


Each OTF member owns and operates their own carrier-grade open telecom infrastructure in various parts of the world: Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Uruguay, USA.

At Conferences

OTF members are a common sight at telecommunications and technology conferences. In addition to attending, OTF members have sponsored KazooCon (CloudPBX, Quik, and Voxter) and spoken at KazooCon and ClueCon.

On Github


OTF members are active contributors and sponsors of enhancements to the open source projects we care about. Are you also a contributor to open source telecom? Please let us know what you’re working on and how we can coordinate our efforts!

Sponsoring Projects

OTF members have provided sponsorship of key telecom projects by:

Student Internships

The Open Telecom Foundation is dedicated to education and building the next generation of open source telecom developers.

Several Open Telecom Foundation members individually already support developer internships. If you are an engineering or computer science student and you are interest in dev/ops, please let us know!