What We Do



Our Purpose

The Open Telecom Foundation is a not-for-profit collaboration between community members who are passionate about open source projects and open protocols that facilitate better quality telecommunications.

We Contribute!

Individual Member Contributions

Our members have been active contributors to key open source telecom projects. Here is a summary view of our members’ contributions.

CloudPBX (Canada)

Conversant (New Zealand)

Quik (USA)

Raffel (Netherlands)

Reper.io (USA)

Voxter (Canada)

Xentric (Uruguay)

Open Telecom Foundation Contributions

In addition to the independent member contributions to open source projects, the OTF has started planning its own direct contributions projects of interest. If you have a project that you feel would be a good fit for the OTF, please become a member and let us know!

Contributing to Upstream Projects

In addition to the Open Telecom Foundation’s commitment to supporting open source software agree that, in all cases, when the Open Telecom Foundation makes modifications to open source code of an open source software project, the enhancements and modifications that have made to the project’s open source code will be submitted by the Open Telecom Foundation to upstream original author, where applicable, for the greater benefit of the open source project used and the community which relies on the project of interest (herein “Upstream Pull Request”).

The Open Telecom Foundation will make these Upstream Pull Requests in a best-efforts capacity, acknowledging that it is ultimately the decision of the upstream project and its maintainers to accept the suggested source code modifications made by the Open Telecom Foundation in individual Upstream Pull Requests.

Planning & Coordinating

Our members hold weekly technical meetings to discuss and coordinate efforts in dev/ops surrounding our favourite open telecom projects. Frequent technical meetings help synchronize the common and individual resources of our members.

Our volunteer directors hold board meetings at least once per month and often more frequently. Frequent board meetings means that shared OTF resources and funds can be properly allocated with little delay.

Providing Resources & Financial Support

Each OTF member operates carrier-grade open telecom infrastructure in various parts of the world: Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Uruguay, USA. Members are happy to contribute compute and connectivity resources. Together we can help provide the resources independent software developers may need to get your idea or project off the ground.

OTF operations are conducted on on a volunteer basis. Our membership fees help the OTF take care of accounting and basic filing requirements. We are able to raise extra funds for enhancements and new projects based on the technical merits and overall beneficial user impact. Please let us know how we might help get your idea of the ground!