Why We Exist

Our Purpose

The Open Telecom Foundation is a not-for-profit collaboration between a group of community members who are passionate about open source projects and open protocols that facilitate open telecommunications.

All of the Open Telecom Foundation’s members are directly involved in providing carrier-grade telecom services each and every day. If this sounds like you, become a member! Sign-up using this form link!

If your organization or you personally are involved in providing carrier-grade telecom services or would like to support projects that support providing carrier-grade telecom services, please become a member.


The Open Telecom Foundation was created as a neutral organization where we can all meet and find ways to collaborate. Although some of our members may compete directly or indirectly with each other in their commercial worlds, they collaborate with each other as members of the Open Telecom Foundation. We invite you to enhance the Open Telecom Foundation by participating. We’d love to hear your ideas!

Membership Benefits: