Open Telecom Foundation sets new policy on upstream contributions

In a meeting of the OTF board on August 31st, 2017, the directors agreed unanimously that all open source projects that the OTF participates in will contribute source code back to the upstream open source project.

In addition to the Open Telecom Foundation’s commitment to supporting open source software agree that, in all cases, when the Open Telecom Foundation makes modifications to open source code of an open source software project, the enhancements and modifications that have made to the project’s open source code will be submitted by the Open Telecom Foundation to upstream original author, where applicable, for the greater benefit of the open source project used and the community which relies on the project of interest (herein “Upstream Pull Request”).

The Open Telecom Foundation will make these Upstream Pull Requests in a best-efforts capacity, acknowledging that it is ultimately the decision of the upstream project and its maintainers to accept the suggested source code modifications made by the Open Telecom Foundation in individual Upstream Pull Requests.