Announcing OTF Annual

The OTF will be hosting the first OTF Annual conference on May 3rd 2018 from 9:00 AM - 04:30 PM PDT at Downtown Works in San Diego. You can purchase zero cost tickets at this link. The conference may also be attended by video conference. You must order a free ticket to receive an invite to the online conference.

Draft Presentation Schedule:

Time Slot (PDT) Title Presenter
9:00 Welcome Cameron Beattie (Voyager)
9:10 The OTF: A year in review Graham Nelson-Zutter (CloudPBX)
9:30 Made in Britain. Open for everybody Mikhail Rodionov
10:00 BGP/BFD for highly available voice peering Remco van Vugt (Raffel)
10:45 Experiences with CouchDB for Kazoo Daniel Finke (Voxter)
11:15 To Kazoo or not to Kazoo - the question is the Billing Kirill Sysoev (OnNet)
11:45 Running a Kazoo load test using EC2 Cameron Beattie (Voyager)
13:30 Regurgitating Kazoo events using EDR and Spewer Max Lay (Voyager)
14:00 Kazoo gaps and how to fill them Group discussion
14:45 Building a responsive, cross-platform messaging and call control app Tate Robertson (Voyager)
15:15 OTF roadmap Group discussion
15:45 SIP log analysis and integration with Kazoo using Homer Cameron Beattie (Voyager)
16:15 Closing Cameron Beattie (Voyager)
16:30 Close  

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